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Tips For Selling

  1. Contact your REALTOR®. With your REALTOR®'S help, you won't be surprised by any unpleasant extra charges like appraisals, inspections or unexpected repairs. Your REALTOR® can also offer extra protection in cases of liability. REALTORS® have the best marketing tools available, so more people will see your home. And remember – only a REALTOR® can list your home on!
  2. Price your home correctly. You don't want to go too low, but by aiming too high, you might discourage buyers. If you are forced to reduce the price, potential buyers may mistakenly assume that something is wrong with your home. To avoid confusion, have a REALTOR® help you set a fair asking price
  3. Complete minor repairs around the house. Leaky faucets and squeaky hinges don’t cost much to fix, but they make a big impact on how potential buyers see your home. Your REALTOR® can help spot small problems that are easy to fix.
  4. Be ready for offers before you get them. Work out beforehand what terms you are willing to accept and the lowest possible price you will take. Your REALTOR® is a trained professional who can help you assess the best sale price for your home.
  5. Prepare for the costs associated with selling a home. Sellers are typically responsible for having the home inspected and paying the closing fees, as well as taking care of any repairs deemed necessary by the inspector. Working with a REALTOR® can keep you aware of these costs as they occur.
  6. Make sure your home is inviting by keeping it clean and well-lit. Air out rooms that may smell like pets, smoke or cooking odors, and place a few scented candles around your home. To increase curb appeal, maintain a healthy lawn and add a splash of color to you front porch.
  7. Keep pets away. They detract from your home's appeal, so arrange for them to stay with a neighbor while your house is being shown. If that’s not possible, put them outside or confine them to one room, and let your REALTOR® know where to find them.
  8. Be flexible with property showings. It may be inconvenient, but by making your home available to more buyers, you increase its chances of being sold quickly.
  9. Get your paperwork in order. The buyer will want warranties and manuals for appliances included with the house and you won’t want to search for them while you’re busy moving.
  10. Make sure you’re ready to move. Give your forwarding address to the post office, bank and your friends and family. And consider holding a yard sale to thin out your possessions.
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